Wicked Radio WIKD is a pirate radio station out of Northern Wisconsin. I brought it on the air in 1990 and have been running it ever since. A lot of ups and downs along the journey to where it is today.  Mostly playing rock music during the week, along with hacker podcasts that I have archived over the decades, not just “podcasts” but also old pirate radio programs as well.  I am Deshi McDorgle and I also DJ Drum n Bass music on weekends when the mood hits.

I had the support of the area cities where I was broadcasting through the 90’s and even got a little newspaper press from the Janesville Gazette, and the Madison college publication The Ithsmus.

I left the radio station on auto pilot for a good 6 years and did not do anything with it other than maintain the equipment.  In August of 2016 I decided to re-dedicate time to the station and rebuild everything. Which brought me to finding the group 0x00sec and that prompted me to start up the live hacker talk programming which is now known as Wacksec Radio.

I am streaming online as well via this website, TuneIn app on mobile, and Twitch.tv so you can get a full dose of whatever format you wish.


A new chapter to WIKD is we have now changed names officially to WackSec Radio. We are now being produced for the talk shows, and will be mostly playing electronic dance music, and security talk programming, and IT help desk programming.

Email the radio station [email protected] if you have technology questions for the Help Desk show, or if you would like to be a guest on the news or deep dive topic shows.